Strengthen your relationship by learning how to use the inevitable challenges of marriage as opportunities for growth.

Mental health professionals - learn how to improve your skills and receive credentialling hours through ongoing training and Supervision at CoupleWorks®.


What is CoupleWorks®?
CoupleWorks® is a center for relationship and family therapy, professional training and supervision founded by Dr. Ira Kalina in Centerport, Long Island, New York in 1986. Joined by colleague, Dr. Suzanne Rapley, the West Coast Branch of CoupleWorks® was added in Santa Barbara, California in 1998.


CoupleWorks® Theory and Practice
CoupleWorks® promotes the healthy functioning of marriages and families through innovative and creative therapeutic approaches inpcorporating the theory and techniques of Gestalt Therapy, Redecision Therapy, Imago Therapy and the Love's Crossroads® approach.

Through these methods we teach

  • the development of personal and relationship awareness
  • how to enhance conversational and sexual intimacy
  • alternatives for the resolution of problems and conflicts
  • how to indentify and navigate through the inevitable challenges of marriage


Our Locations
CoupleWorks ® has locations in Centerport, Long Island, N.Y. and Santa Barbara, CA. There we offer

  • Couples - therapy sessions, therapy intensives, workshops and seminars.

  • Mental Health Professionals - training in couple therapy, workshops, seminars and supervision.


Our Website
Here you will find information and education about many facets of relationship life and professional development. Through articles, surveys, recommended reading, interactive advice, calendar of events and more, can become your valued guide throughout your marital and professional journey.


Meet the Directors


Ira Kalina, Ph.D. . is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist with more than 30 years in practice. Many people have strengthened their relationships using his view of marriage as a long and wonderful journey, where difficult times are seen as positive turning points...


Suzanne Rapley, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, certified Sex Therapist and Sexologist, and a Diplomate of the College of Sexologists. She promotes healthy relationships and attitudes about sexuality.


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