Dr. Suzanne Rapley Offers On-Going Consultation Group

Dr. Suzanne Rapley will be offering an on-going consultation group for therapists wishing to deepen their understanding of Marital Therapy and issues related to Sexuality and Intimacy. The group will also function as a "Professional Cuddle Group" (ala Carl Whitaker, M.D.) giving members the opportunity to break the isolation of being in private practice. The time and day will be arranged with the members. The consultation group will meet once a month for 3 hours. For information contact Suzanne at 805-963-3329, Santa Barbara, CA.

March 24, 2005 2005 Red Dress Project Under Way

After much success of the initial Red Dress Project (2003) and the second annual project held last September, 2004, Red Dress {rpgect 2005 is beginning to take shape. Artists from various discipines will join together to present thir response to the idea of woman and the Red Dress. This year Suzanne will address sexuality/Sensuality, coming of age of a young womand and the impact of exptremist relgious doctrine on the development of her identity. Local Artisans who may be interested in particpation may contact Suzanne at 805-963-3329. Performances will be held in September, 2005 in Santa Barbara, CA.









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