CoupleWorks® promotes the healthy functioning of marriages and families through innovative and creative therapeutic approaches based on the theory and techniques of Gestalt Therapy, Redecision Therapy, Imago Therapy and the Love's Crossroads® approach.

Through these methods we help couples

  • develop personal and relationship awareness
  • attain enhanced conversational and sexual intimacy
  • integrate problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques

At CoupleWorks® Dr. Ira Kalina, CoupleWorks® LI, and Dr. Suzanne Rapley, CoupleWorks® CA are attuned to the problems that couples face on ther marital journey, and provide practical techniques to successfully navigate their challenges.


Dr. Suzanne Rapley Offers Weekend Intensives for Couples
Dr. Suzanne Rapley, at CoupleWorks® CA, will offer weekend intensives for couples who desire more focused work on their marital and sexual realtionship. Sessions can be private(one couple only) or are offered for up to 4 couples at a time.
Gathering with other couples to foster a deeper connection with ones partner is invaluable. Many couples live isolation. Often when couples meet with other couples and embark on the journey of the intimate travelers a whole new world of possibilities opens up.
Why not invite your partner to join in one of these eye-opening and heart expanding weekends in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.?
Call for details 805-963-3329


Dr. Ira Kalina Offers Couple Coaching As Another Option For Couples In Need of Advice
Coaching is different from marriage or relationship therapy.
It is designed to provide you with advice and direction that may help you through a particularly knotty problem, but it is not designed to alter deeply unresolved issues. These kinds of issues would require more intensive, on-going couple therapy.

However, if you are facing a problem in your marriage, nervousness before your wedding date, not sure if you want to stay with a lover, or having questions or concerns about what might be your specific Crossroads, we have a couples coach available.

How to Arrange a Couple Coach Session: The form you complete below will be sent to the Couple Coach. He/She will call you back within 24 hours of submission to finalize a call appointment. See our Couple Coach Section for a description of fees.









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