The following is an excerpt from an article written by Dr. Kalina
about Love's CrossroadsĀ® and appeared in Creations Magazine, February 2002.

All marriages are affected by developmental changes and stresses of daily living. These natural processes and events often place great pressure on the love two people share. With that pressure each partner's personal psychology is triggered, bringing a couple to one or more of ten turning points.


The following are the Ten Crossroads of Love

1. Crossroads of Commitment
As courtship moves forward, and as the desire to create a lifetime union is raised by one or both partners, fears or uncertainties about the meaning of this long-term investment may create a roadblock to going further.

2. Crossroads of Discovery
Discovery raises the question: What do you do when you become aware of each others full authenticity - whether positive or negative - as the glow and passion of your romance fades?

3. Crossroads of Separation and Individuation
This Crossroads challenges you to separate from your family of origin in order to create your own marriage and family, beginning with a full embrace of the intimate connection with your partner.

4. Crossroads of Life Passages
The strains of life's natural passages may distract you from your primary connection at these series of developmental Crossroads that include the following: the creation of a family, the developmental stages of your children and of each partner, aging and passing of your own parents as well as your own aging and end of life.

5. Crossroads of Unfulfilled Expectations
The stress of not getting what you planned for, desired or dream about from your marriage and family life is felt at this turning point.

6. Crossroads of Personal Awakenings
This Crossroads highlights new life experiences, new insights, newly acquired education, or a new or renewed interest in spirituality in one partner. This change may be experienced as a threat to one's partner, creating a challenge to the viability of the relationship.

7. Crossroads of Trust and Fidelity
This juncture on loves journey is often created by an affair, or a partner being caught in a lie. Trust and integrity as well as the viability of the union is challenged at this Crossroads.

8. Crossroads of the Unexpected
The stress of life's surprises brings a couple to this Crossroads. The sudden event may be positive, as exemplified by a large inheritance, and/or tragic, the death of a loved one. The challenge, here, tests the ability of partners to cope with sudden change and/or grief.

9. Crossroads of Money and Power
Stresses related to finances, and the struggle for power over financial decisions, may create conflict for both partners.

10. Crossroads of Intimacy and Sexuality
This Crossroads is created by changes in emotional and sexual changes that partners may experience with each other due to a variety of circumstances, such as the previous nine challenges. It is last on the list for this reason, but it is often the most important to each partner.








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