What is the Magic of How?
A type of magic exists that can turn relationships into works of art. This power is not a potion, elixir, or is it created by an incantation. You do not have to go to your spiritual advisor, no charts need to be read, nor is it necessary to enroll in a course. In fact, you are likely to already have this skill tucked inside your psychological repertoire. You may just need some guidance to help you bring it out


In The Magic of How© , psychologist Ira Kalina, Ph.D. is the master wizard who will mentor you in the practical magic that will bring beauty to your life. He will show you how to turn the unsightly form of difficult marriages, of dysfunctional family life, of ragged work interactions, of hurting friendships, of struggling self-esteem, and of other problematical areas of your life into aesthetically pleasing experiences. He will help you do this by tapping into a skill that many of us take for granted: the skill of noticing.

Each month CoupleWorks.com will offer you some practical magic to show you how to improve a facet of your life in This Month's Magic.








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